Transportation of spare parts from Germany to Uzbekistan

LTL Trucking Delivery within 17 days

International freight forwarding company M9 Logistics took on the task of delivering a large batch of automotive spare parts from Germany to Uzbekistan. One of our recent clients was a renowned manufacturer of air filters for internal combustion engines from Germany. We have entered into an agreement to supply air filters to Uzbekistan and conduct shipments every 2 weeks.

Due to the crossing of international borders, the cargo required a package of documents: export declaration, bill of lading, shipping documents. Our team helped to prepare a full package of documents and put them on the production flow, directly interacting with the supplier. The consignee of the shipment located in Tashkent, was only supposed to confirm that the paperwork was correct. After finding for him a very convenient and quick solution with documentation, we optimised the logistical delivery.

Every fortnight we book a space in the truck, so there are no delays or delivery times. We pack the cargo in pallets and pick up from the supplier’s warehouse, take palletised air filters to deliver to a pick-up point. then in 17 days. It takes 17 days for a shipment to arrive from Germany to its destination point – Uzbekistan, Tashkent. A slight increase of 2-3 days is possible, depending on queues at border crossings.

  • Dispatching country: Germany (Frankfurt)
  • Receiving country: Uzbekistan (Tashkent)
  • Cargo: air filters
  • Dimensions: wooden frame, 270 kg
  • Delivery time: 17 days
  • Logistics feature: documentation support and logistics optimisation for regular shipments