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Logistics services for the most fragile goods

Checking 1200 bottles of perfume.

The case of shipping perfume from Germany to Singapore involved the need to check 1,200 items before shipment. To do this, we took the shipment to a storage facility in Frankfurt. We packed each bottle, labelled it, placed it in shipping cartons and packed it in crates.

However, the delivery of the goods was not to the warehouse, but to the shop, which made the task more difficult. To save time when packing and unpacking the goods, it was decided to use Europallets with removable frames, each 20 cm high. This solution allowed the customer to deliver the goods safely and quickly thereafter, without having to disassemble the containers additionally.

The entire shipping route involved France, Frankfurt (where the goods were repacked) and a direct flight to Singapore. The goods were then delivered to the shop with movers.

The case of perfume shipment from Germany to Singapore was successfully completed by using euro pallets with removable frames and correct calculation of the number of frames required for disassembly of the pallets. The perfume was delivered safely to the shop.

  • Dispatching country: France
  • Receiving country: Singapore
  • Cargo: perfume in vlacones
  • Dimensions: 12 000 vials, 750 kg
  • Delivery time: 11 days
  • Logistics feature: europallet packaging with removable frames