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Air freight from Germany to Kazakhstan

Delivery of household appliances

International freight forwarding company M9 Logistics undertook the task of delivery of a large consignment of household appliances from Germany to Kazakhstan. Our client was a well-known company-manufacturer of household appliances, which required urgent delivery of electric grills to Almaty. The total weight of the shipment was 2.5 tonnes.

The shipment, which was initially located in Poland, encountered problems in opening the export declaration, which led to its redirection to Frankfurt. From there it was diverted to Leipzig for onward transport to its final destination. The advantage was that in Frankfurt we could store the shipment in the airport warehouse for up to 6 days free of charge.

Unexpected problems at customs added to the delay, which complicated the situation. Our experienced colleagues provided the necessary support and coordination at every step of the customs clearance process. The consignee of the shipment, located in Almaty, only had to confirm that the paperwork was correct.

Following precise loading protocols, the electric grills were safely placed in the cargo hold from Leipzig to Almaty. The shipment was handled by DHL, an airline that provides reliable and fast international transport.
In the end, despite all obstacles, the shipment was successfully delivered on time. Our flexibility and adaptability allowed us to deliver the appliances to Kazakhstan on time.

  • Dispatching country: Germany (Berlin)
  • Receiving country: Kazakhstan (Almaty)
  • Cargo: Electric grills
  • Dimensions: 2500 kg
  • Delivery time: 23 days
  • Logistics feature: loading and unloading operations and border crossing