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Air freight from Germany to Turkmenistan

Delivery of cosmetic emulsion

M9 Logistics, an international logistics company specialising in cargo transportation, received a request to organise an express delivery of cosmetic emulsion from Germany (Hamburg) to Turkmenistan.

The company, representing a cosmetic line, urgently needed delivery of its goods to Turkmenistan for planned laboratory tests and product certification.

The process started with the pick-up of the goods from the manufacturer’s warehouse in Hamburg. The goods were then transported to the airport, where we carried out the necessary labelling of the goods and processing of the transport documentation for air freight.

In the shipment, some of the cargo was dangerous due to its chemical composition. The M9 Logistics team drew up a Shipper’s Declaration for Dangerous goods.

Express delivery required maximum speed.We were able to realise the delivery in record time. In just 2 days, from the moment of pick-up from the manufacturer to its dispatch from the airport, we made delivery from the door to the airport of the recipient in Turkmenistan. Thus, thanks to our team, the client received his goods on time, despite the urgency and complexity of the process. Our company takes pride in being able to provide reliable and efficient logistics solutions for our customers even in the most demanding situations.

  • Dispatching country: Germany (Hamburg)
  • Receiving country: Turkmenistan (airport)
  • Cargo: Vials of cosmetic emulsion
  • Dimensions: 400 kg
  • Delivery time: 1 days
  • Logistics feature: labelling and express delivery