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Air trasportation of paperbooks from South Korea via Hamburg to Frankfurt

Tailor-made freight forwarding solution

In this case, we present a successful example of cargo delivery, including 660 kg of books, as well as our flexibility in handling imports from various airports in Germany.

Our cargo, consisting of books, arrived at Hamburg Airport. To ensure its further processing and delivery, we created an account at the Swissport warehouse in Hamburg. We were able to establish direct contact with the GHA in Hamburg, even though our team is based in Frankfurt. Here, we meticulously prepared the necessary customs documents required for the successful completion of all import procedures. Upon completing this important preparation, we promptly notified our client in Germany of the release of cargo, enabling us to commence the delivery process.

However, our cargo receiving process was not without some unforeseen obstacles. Delays occurred due to the prolonged wait of our driver at airport for unloading Hamburg. Nonetheless, thanks to the efforts of our team, the cargo was delivered to the customer’s premises the next day.

It is important to note that our flexibility in handling imports allows us to accept cargo from any airport in Germany, making us a reliable partner for your business.

  • Dispatching country: South Korea (Incheon)
  • Receiving country: Germany (Hamburg)
  • Cargo: books
  • Dimensions: 660 kg
  • Delivery time: 6 days
  • Logistics feature: warehousing operations