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Cargo consolidation from the European Union in Germany and delivery to India

Air freight: express door-to-door delivery.

Our assignment was to send spare parts for cars from the European Union to India. This involved consolidating shipments from Italy, Holland and Germany in Frankfurt and flying them to a courier terminal in Mumbai.

The first step was to quickly consolidate the shipments in Frankfurt. This reduced shipping time and lowered shipping costs. The EX1 customs clearance was then used to guarantee the goods’ legality and security in transit.

The airline Lufthansa was chosen to provide a door to door service for the shipment. This ensured a record delivery time of 48 hours to Mumbai.

One of the important points in this case was to take into account the specificities of customs clearance in India. It was important not to allow the goods to arrive at the cargo terminal, as this could have led to delays and additional customs clearance costs.

Thus, thanks to prompt cargo consolidation, correct customs clearance and the selection of a reliable airline, the task of shipping spare car parts from the EU to Mumbai was successfully completed.

  • Dispatching country: Germany (Frankfurt)
  • Receiving country: India (Mumbai)
  • Cargo: car spare parts
  • Dimensions: 13 Boxes per standart pallet, 107 kg
  • Delivery time: 48 hours
  • Logistics feature: consolidation and door-to-door service