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Customs clearance of batteries to and from China

Made a return of goods from the recipient to the sender without any duty.

We provided a full range of logistics services from transporting to returning them to the seller from the buyer.

We have successfully dispatched the dangerous goods from Germany to China.  Then we received a request to return UN3480 in a three-way transaction. A Luxembourg company bought the goods from Germany but sold them directly to Korea in Seoul. Then the shipment was returned as it was unclaimed there.

And the task was to send this shipment using documents from the Luxembourg company to the Chinese company without customs import clearance in the EU.

The key point in this case was that the shipment had been returned from Seoul, and we had to react quickly to this situation and find the best solution to send the shipment to China without incurring additional customs clearance costs.

However, the difficulty was that on the return shipment from Seoul in Frankfurt, the agent and the sender indicated the wrong section at the batteries.
So we in Frankfurt successfully corrected the Shipper’s Declaration, all the markings on the goods, performed transit customs clearance and sent the shipment from Frankfurt to Shanghai.

The whole process Frankfurt-Seoul-Frankfurt-China took 2 weeks.
The client was satisfied that he did not have to clear the shipment for import and pay any duties and import VAT and then clear the shipment for export.

  • Dispatching country: Germany (Frankfurt)
  • Receiving country: China (Seoul), Germany (Frankfurt)
  • Cargo: Lithium polymer batteries
  • Dimensions: 14 boxes, 140 kg
  • Delivery time: 2 weeks
  • Logistics feature: dangerous goods, three-way transaction, documentation